Contact the Service Experts at Hawthorne Chevrolet

Whether your Chevrolet is in great condition, or you think it needs a little work, our staff at Hawthorne Chevrolet is ready to service your vehicle. Please stop by our dealership in Hawthorne every season to make sure that your Chevrolet is well maintained!

Comprehensive Vehicle Inspection

Our service professionals at our Hawthorne dealership are well trained and ready to inspect your Chevrolet. They will give your Chevrolet a multi-point inspection making sure to check all of the crucial components of your vehicle. This inspection is vital to your Chevy's overall health and performance, so scheduling regular service appointments each season is an excellent habit to get into.


If you think you could need new brake pads or a brake inspection, come into our service station to see what we can do for your Chevrolet. Our professionals will take a look at the problem and do the work to make sure that your Chevy is safe to hit the roads in Hawthorne.


Our service professionals can change out a battery for you or test it to see if you need a new one for your Chevrolet. If you do, we will make sure to get a battery for your vehicle and replace it with the old one so that your vehicle has no problem starting.

Fluid Changes

One of the most typical seasonal services is getting an oil change. Regardless of how many miles you like to change the oil in your Chevrolet, it is important to check and look at every season. Even if you don't drive a lot, your oil can still go bad while your vehicle sits. It would be good to have the antifreeze and brake fluids checked regularly.

Contact Us in Hawthorne

Don't forget to come into our service center when you are in the Hawthorne area to have your Chevrolet checked when the seasons change! Our repair team is standing by, ready to deliver a variety of routine auto services, including oil changes, tire rotations, brake repair, and more! Please contact us to schedule a service appointment today!