There's a lot that goes into earning strong fuel efficiency levels in your Chevy. Obviously starting off with a smartly efficient Chevy car or small SUV is the best way to get going. But there are also factors based on how you drive around Clifton and Little Falls, NJ, and perhaps a little less well-known, how well you maintain your Chevy. The service center at our Hawthorne, NJ Chevy dealership is ready for all kinds of maintenance and repairs, and we'll help you keep your car running at its most economic for your commutes around Paramus and Englewood. Take a minute to schedule service today and we'll be happy to get you going.

Keeping up on routine service is a smart move for a number of reasons. You've invested so much into your Chevy model, so you'll definitely want to maintain its long-term condition and value. You'll also certainly want to continue your travels around Paramus and Hawthorne in a Chevy model that's safe and capable. But for daily commuters and with constantly changing gas prices – with record highs hurting us all these days – making sure you're driving in the most efficient way possible is key. Our service center and our expert techs are ready to help you keep that fuel economy level to its highest peaks.

Sticking with routine maintenance, such as oil changes and tire rotations, are a great start. Making sure your tires and wheels are balanced will keep your fuel economy levels at their peaks, while having your brakes, transmission and engine in their best conditions will also certainly help out. During each and every visit, our service experts will help you stay on top of future maintenance you need, all while we provide guidance and advice for how to drive efficiently in any Chevy.

Schedule service at Hawthorne Chevrolet today and see how regular visits can help you improve your car's fuel economy levels.

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