Don't ignore your vehicle's warning system. The engine light can be triggered by a number of issues of varying degrees of severity. Whatever the cause, failure to get your Chevy vehicle checked out when the check engine light goes on could lead to further damage meaning costlier and more invasive repairs. Below is a list of the top 10 reasons why your Chevy check engine light may come on.
Chevrolet Check Engine Light
1) Faulty Oxygen Sensor
Engine Light On? Check Exhaust Sensor
A bad sensor can't properly measure oxygen in the exhaust to inject the proper amount of fuel to the engine, causing a vehicle to lose up to 40% off its mpg. 
2) Loose Gas Cap
Engine Light On? Check Gas Cap
Fuel system sensors could be triggered if there are vapor leaks if you have a loose gas cap.
3) Faulty Catalytic Converter
Engine Light On? Check Catalytic Converter
A new catalytic converted is needed if something else in the engine needs repair and the exhaust is laded with gas or oil.
4) Faulty Ignition Coil
Engine Light On? Check Ignition Coils
If the ignition coil is compromised, then there can be no spark to to run the engine. Coils can go bad through age or operating in high temperatures.
5) Bad Spark Plug
Engine Light On? Check Spark Plugs
Bad spark plugs means you car isn't firing on all cylinders and ultimately you are wasting gas.
6) Bad Mass Air Flow Sensor
Engine Light On? Check Mass Air Flow Sensor
This measures the inflow of air to the engine. A faulty sensor could mean your engine efficiency is reduced by up to 25%.
7) Non-Compatible Aftermarket Alarm
Engine Light On? Check Aftermarket Parts
Only install compatible parts and accessories in your vehicle by a certified Chevy technician.
8) Leaky Vacuum Hoses On Evap System
Engine Light On? Check Evap Hoses
Leaky hoses cause evaporating fuel to not reach its vented destination.
9) Faulty Exhaust Gas Recirculation Valve
Engine Light On? Check EGR Valve
This valve is responsible for pushing the exhaust back through the combustion process and help lower emissions.
10) Battery Charging System
Engine Light On? Check Car Battery
More advanced monitoring systems can detect problems with you car battery
If the engine light comes on in your Chevy car, truck or SUV, contact Hawthorne Chevrolet right away to schedule an appointment for your vehicle. We are a premier New Jersey engine light service center so we can diagnose your issue quickly and get your vehicle back on the road quickly without having to break the bank. When the engine light comes on, the vehicle may still be drive-able and appear normal but it's only a matter a time before more damage will befall your engine. Contact Hawthorne Chevrolet online or reach our state of the art service center by phone at (800) 391-7919.